Calving season is upon us. Stock your kit correctly to make the season brighter.
10: An extra set of coveralls and dry boots.
Warm and dry is good. Cold and damp makes an unhappy rancher.
9: Colostrum replacement.
For those calves that didn’t get off to the best start.
8: An esophageal feeder.
Have it with you, have it clean and dry, and know how to use it.
7: Ear tags.
What better time to tag than Day 1?
6: Something to write down records on.
A notebook, blank note cards, an app on your phone, a piece of week-old mail –– whatever it takes to make sure records are kept on each animal.
5: Lube.
Lots of lube.
4: OB sleeves.
Have an abundant supply on hand. (Literally.)
3: Calf chains or calf straps.
Calving-assistance extraordinaire.
2: Handles to go with your chains and straps.
Teamwork makes the dream work. Get all of your components together before you head out.
1: A good relationship with your veterinarian, and their phone number.
Tough calving situation? If you call your veterinarian late on Friday during their kid’s basketball game, studies suggest he or she will be more likely to help if you’ve established a successful working relationship as client and veterinarian.
Source: Beef Cattle Institute