Five PVP programs now available for commercial producers to enroll cattle.


The American Angus Association® recently announced four additional U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Program (PVP) offerings through AngusSource®. This announcement goes hand-in-hand with the Association’s focus on providing comprehensive programs and services aimed at improving profitability in the commercial sector of the cattle industry.

AngusSource began in 2003, then transitioned to a PVP program in 2005 as the first age-and-source program for verifying Angus-sired calves in the industry. Now with the addition of four more PVPs to the AngusSource suite, commercial producers will have more opportunity to enroll their calves in the program, which helps them meet their marketing goals.

“The industry is evolving as rapidly as today’s consumer,” said Ginette Gottswiller, director of AngusSource. “Producers who can age-and-source verify their calves through the production chain have a leg up on the competition during video sales.”

Age and Source

Verifies the group age-and-source of calves. Animals must be traceable to the ranch of origin and have records documenting the first calf born on the operation. An AngusSource compliant RFID tag will be required for enrollment.

  • Each producer will enroll in Source and Group Age. This is the base of any additional programs or can be the only program a producer can choose to enroll in.
  • To qualify for Source, the calves must be born and enrolled by the ranch of origin. Calves must be tagged prior to leaving the ranch of origin.
  • To qualify for the Group Age claim, calving records must be kept, documenting the first calf born for each season, along with bull turn out dates. The actual date of birth must be documented as mm/dd/year, and the producer must actively be checking cattle to know the actual date of birth.
AngusSource (Age and Source)
Enrollment Fee* $80.00
EID Tag $3.50
Volume Pricing – EID Tags
<100 $3.50
100 – 249 $3.40
250 – 499 $3.25
500+ $3.00

*Fee waived if member of the American Angus Association.

Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)

The AngusSource NHTC program requires cattle never receive any type of added hormones for their entire life cycle but does not include regulations on antibiotics or animal by-products. Age and Source enrollment though AngusSource is a requirement as well as passing an onsite review/audit prior to the calves leaving the ranch of origin.

  • Hormone growth promotants (HGP) may not be used at any time in the cattle being verified.
  • Some HGPs include MGA, implants, Zilmax® and Optaflexx®.
  • If HGPs are used at the operation, documentation must be maintained detailing purchases and which animals receive HGPs. Enrolled calves that become non-compliant must use the Fall Out program procedure to ensure calves are not marketed as NHTC.
AngusSource NHTC
Initial Enrollment Fee $850.00
Re-Enrollment Fee $750.00

                                      *Travel fees extra

NeverEver3 (NE3)

Through the AngusSource NE3 program, animals may not receive any antibiotics. This includes nothing in the feed, water, mineral or injected from birth to slaughter. Age and Source verification plus an AngusSource program-compliant tag and an onsite review/audit are required.

  • Complete and pass your onsite audit before your calves leave the ranch of origin.
  • No antibiotics can be used.
  • HGPs may not be used at any time in the cattle.
  • No animal by-products can be fed. This includes products from mammals or avian species, including, but not limited to, animal fat, feather meal, blood meal, meat and bone meal. Fish meal is acceptable but must be documented.
  • Producers will document the use and inventory of HGPs, antibiotics and animal by-products on the operation. Enrolled cattle that become non-compliant must use the AngusSource Fall Out program procedures.
AngusSource NE3
Added to NHTC $250.00


Cattle Care and Handling

AngusSource Cattle Care and Handling raises consumer confidence by documenting proper management techniques and showing a commitment to quality within the beef industry. Age and Source verification through AngusSource is a requirement. Your initial enrollment in Cattle Care and Handling will require an onsite review/audit.

  • This is an optional certification to document processes that will control all quality system records. Ranches that have handled cattle by following BQA guidelines and are BQA certified should consider this optional verification.
AngusSource Cattle Care & Handling
Initial Enrollment Fee $850.00
Added to NHTC/NE3 $250.00


Calf Management

AngusSource Calf Management program improves the confidence of the buyers. Participating cattle producers will document their preventative animal health program prior to delivery.

  • This is an optional certification and will not be offered as a stand-alone program.
  • Age and Source verification though AngusSource is a requirement.
  • Calves will need to receive at minimum:

o   1 dose – 7-way, 8-way or 9-way Clostridial

o   1 dose Viral 5-way (IBR, PI3, BRSV and BVD Type 1&2)

o   1 dose Pasteurella Haemolytica or Pasteurella Multocida

AngusSource Calf Management
Initial Enrollment Fee $850.00
Added to NHTC/NE3 $250.00


The enrollment process for AngusSource is simple to use and requires producers to fill out an enrollment form and submit copies of their calving records. AngusSource administrators are standing by to start enrollment and training. Depending on the programs chosen for enrollment, an onsite review may need to occur before a producer’s enrollment will be complete.

For commercial producers looking to measure the genetic performance potential of their calf crop, the Association’s new feeder cattle program, Angus LinkSM will be unveiled later this summer. Special pricing will be offered to those looking to enroll in both AngusSource and Angus Link. For more news and information on the American Angus Association, AngusSource and Angus Link visit

Source: American Angus Association news release

— Written by Clint Mefford, Angus Communications