Live animal demonstrations combined with industry-leading speakers will share practical uses of genomics technology.

Technology and innovation are alive and well in the beef cattle business, and leading producer education on applying the latest genomic tools is the mission behind the upcoming Innovation Workshop during the 2016 Angus Convention in Indianapolis, Ind.

Sponsored by Zoetis, the workshop takes place the afternoon of Nov. 5 from 2-5 p.m. The workshop represents the capstone event for an entire day of genomics education and information. It will take place on Day 1 of the Angus Convention, which will be hosted by the American Angus Association Nov. 5-7 at the Indiana Convention Center.

Experts from Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI), Dan Moser, Stephen Miller and Kelli Retallick will provide practical education for incorporating technology into your beef herd. Joining the AGI team will be John Stika and Mark McCully of Certified Angus Beef LLC, as well as Dan Shike of the University of Illinois, and Kent Andersen of Zoetis. The audience will participate in the evaluation of registered and commercial Angus cattle through live animal demonstrations.

Though each breeder prioritizes traits differently based on their need and environment, these sessions will help cattlemen identify their trait priorities and understand the data found when scouring sale books and websites researching bulls.

Using genomic selection tools with a testing strategy, cattlemen have the opportunity to further the production of calves that yield the kind of beef that a growing percentage of consumers prefer. Understanding how to interpret these genomic tools is an investment that pays in a lifetime of more precise breeding decisions.

The Innovation Workshop is just one piece of the leading industry education offered during the 2016 Angus Convention.

About the Convention

The 2016 Angus Convention, Nov. 5-7, in Indianapolis, Ind., will bring together thousands of quality-minded cattle producers and partners for three days of education and entertainment, as well as business meetings for the American Angus Association. The Angus Convention is a place to share ideas, learn about ways the Association and its entities are driving the latest innovations in genetics, research and commercial programs and, ultimately, a satisfying eating experience for consumers.

A packed trade show will open at 12 p.m. Nov. 5, and Sawyer Brown will headline the Nov. 6 evening entertainment. The American Angus Association annual convention of delegates will cap the event Nov. 7. For a complete schedule and to register, visit

Source: American Angus Association Press Release