The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) has joined forces with a large group of entities to formulate breed specific genomic enhanced EPDs.  The evolution in IBBA genomic technology is a result of a collaborative effort between IBBA, Livestock Genetic Services, Iowa State University, National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC), Colorado State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Neogen-GeneSeek and Zoetis.


In late June 2014 IBBA transitioned its DNA testing to GeneSeek Inc. located in Lincoln, Neb. With this move, Brangus breeders had the option to utilize an 80k panel or a reduced 30k panel to obtain genomic information to enhance the accuracy of Brangus expected progeny differences (EPDs). IBBA has adopted use of the newly released GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™, the GGP HD-150K panel, that is replacing the 80K panel.


Brangus GE-EPDs will be made available on all traits reported by the IBBA including growth, reproduction and ultrasound traits.  The GE-EPDs were estimated by John Genho, President of Livestock Genetic Services, using the approximately 2,200 profiles generated at Neogen or Zoetis on the 30K, 50K, 80K, 150K, 770K and 850K panels. 


“Genomic-enhanced EPDs are the tool of choice in breed improvement strategies in the livestock industry today.” says Dr. Tommy Perkins, IBBA Executive Vice President. “It is our role to give IBBA members the most current tools to make improvement in beef production.  Genomically enhanced EPDs will allow Brangus breeders to make the most accurate and rapid genetic improvement available.”


GE-EPDs combine an analysis of pedigree, individual performance and genomic information to hasten the rate of genetic progress in a population of cattle. Most importantly, GE-EPDs increase the accuracy of EPDs on younger, non-proven animals.  The increase in EPD accuracies allows breeders to identify the best genetics earlier in an animal’s life without the extreme cost of progeny testing.  Information gleaned from a single DNA sample may be as informative as the first calf crop of a bull or the lifetime production record of a cow.


“Although the process to get Brangus GE-EPDs has taken longer than desired they will certainly benefit commercial bull buyers and members for years to come,” Perkins says. “The Brangus breeders continue to add to the genomic database which will further improve the accuracy of Brangus genetic predictions.” 


For more information about IBBA’s genomic testing, contact Dr. Tommy Perkins at 210-696-8231 or

Source: Brangus Association