Cargill Inc. is suing a former executive, claiming the employee had downloaded hundreds of secret documents before quitting s to join a competitor, JBS USA.

Cargill says Jason Kuan, who resigned Aug. 1 after a 20-year career that included management of the company’s Canadian case ready business, could be feeding confidential information to JBS USA in Greeley, Colo., where he accepted a job this summer to head up a new division.

Kuan had been an executive in Cargill’s meatpacking division in charge of U.S. and Canadian “case-ready” meat businesses — meat that is processed and packaged before being sent to retailers. Kuan took a similar job this month at JBS SA.

After Kuan’s sudden departure, it analyzed his company-owned laptop and discovered that he downloaded “hundreds of highly confidential and proprietary” files and stored them on an external drive, Cargill said.

Cargill is seeking monetary penalties and an order blocking Kuan from disclosing the data to JBS.

Source: Meating Place and Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal