Kansas Livestock Association Reports:

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed two agriculture-related bills into law. SB 156 is a combination of several bills KLA staff had been tracking. First, the law authorizes Water Conservation Area (WCA) agreements. A WCA can be formed by individual water right owners in a local area who desire to voluntarily reduce water usage. KLA supported the WCA concept when the Legislature, with support from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, agreed to add an amendment requiring the consent of every affected water right owner prior to final approval of a WCA. SB 156 also contains authorization for Arkansas River groundwater gauge sites to assist with the management of groundwater quantity and quality. KLA convinced the Legislature to increase the total annual money deposited in a fund to equal the cost of the new gauges. This was necessary because the same fund also supports several livestock market reports. Without increasing the funding cap, it could have endangered future funding for the reports.


Sam Brownback official portrait 3.jpg

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback


SB 36 authorizes a new conservation lending program that will be administered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The program will use federal grant money to buy down the interest rate on loans made by local financial institutions for the purpose of funding conservation practices that reduce nonpoint source water pollution. KDHE envisions eligible practices to include general conservation projects, such as terraces, waterways and other field practices; livestock projects, such as alternative watering, livestock waste management systems and grazing plans; stream restoration; and onsite wastewater assistance, such as replacement of private rural septic systems.

Source: Kansas Livestock Association