Missouri voters will soon have the chance to approve the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment, also known as Amendment 1. A YES vote will ensure the continued success of Missouri agriculture, the state’s leading industry, by protecting consumers, farmers, and ranchers from out-of-state special interest groups and the imposition of mandates that would seek to further regulate farming and ranching practices.

The importance of this amendment cannot be understated.

The proposed constitutional amendment will protect the rights of farmers, giving them the confidence to continue their safe, legal practices on their farms, while saving Missouri jobs, and preserving consumer choice.

Additionally, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment would help to maintain the affordable, quality food supply that Missouri families rely on. As our population grows rapidly, the need for food increases. Restricting the rights of farmers and ranchers would only serve to drive up food costs all around. This is especially dangerous now, at a time when many families can’t afford to pay the rising costs of essential foods.

We’ve seen what happens when animal rights activists are allowed to dip their hands in state policy. For instance, California is currently in legal disputes over its unconstitutional Proposition 2, which imposes hen housing mandates on egg producers in California and the rest of the union.

We can’t allow something like this to happen in Missouri.

But there is hope. Missourians are fighting back against these out-of-state groups, with an overwhelming majority declaring their support. In a recent poll conducted by The Wickers Group, almost 70% said they will vote ‘Yes’ in favor of the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment.

In May of 2013, the Farming Rights Amendment, sponsored by former State Representative and current U.S. Congressman Jason Smith (MO-8), State Representative Bill Reiboldt (R-Neosho), and State Senator Mike Parson (R-Clinton), passed with strong bipartisan support through the House of Representatives by a vote of 132-25 and the Senate by a vote of 28-6.

Protect The Harvest would also like to applaud Missouri Farmers Care, Missouri Farm Bureau, and the countless number of other organizations in Missouri, fighting to protect consumer choice and preserve the rights of farmers and ranchers. Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri, and we’re proud to support it alongside these great organizations.

Source: Protect the Harvest news release