I’m excited to announce that on November 4th, the American Angus Association will be introducing a new genomic test, AngusGS™. AngusGS will be a high density 50K test designed by the team of geneticists at Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) with testing conducted by Neogen. The new genomic test is built specifically for Angus cattle which over time will mean improved accuracy and better results.

The AGI team has worked to saturate the new genomic test with markers targeting specific genomic regions of influence in Angus cattle. This means future improved test accuracy once a subset of animals has been tested with AngusGS. Additional markers for traits like fertility, feed efficiency and tenderness, including Calpain and Calpastatin, have been included to advance research for future trait selection.

While AngusGS will become the latest in new technology offered by AGI, you’ll also be pleased to learn the testing cost will be significantly lower than similar tests in the marketplace. The AngusGS price will be $37. That’s a savings of over 50% of current HD genomic tests in the marketplace.

Initial utilization of AngusGS will be similar to upgrading all newly tested animals from a low density test to a high density test available through AGI. The current genomic markers utilized in the Angus weekly genetic evaluation will be included on AngusGS and will continue to be included in the genetic evaluation. Producers should feel confident using the current genomic tools to test and make decisions until the new test arrives. In addition, AngusGS parentage markers are included in the test design and are compatible with all previously reported parentage results in the Association’s database.

While the new test won’t be available until November, we don’t want you to put off submitting tests in order to realize the significant price savings and perhaps negatively impact breeding decisions for your herd. As a result, effective today members can order the Neogen GGP-LD and the Zoetis i50K test for the same price ($37) as the AngusGS™ test.

— Allen Moczygemba, Chief Executive Officer, American Angus Association

Source: American Angus Association