Sound Animal Husbandry Helps Calves Gain More Weight, Stay Healthy
and Provide Greater Income Returns


Cattle producers looking for better ways to care for their herds have practical resources at the newly redesigned SUREHEALTHSM website or SUREHEALTH’s Facebook page.

These resources provide valuable information on calf preconditioning protocols, one of which is the SUREHEALTH Calf Preconditioning Program, from Merial – the only nationwide calf preconditioning program that requires veterinarian certification, giving producers comfort in its credibility.

The site will have up-to-date articles about the seven factors impacting profitability of cow-calf operations, which are:

  1. treating internal and external parasites
  2. vaccinating against respiratory viral infections
  3. vaccinating against respiratory bacterial infections
  4. vaccinating against clostridial infections and optional vaccination against Haemophilus somnus
  5. castrating and dehorning, or tipping
  6. weaning
  7. adjusting to water tank

Preconditioning on the ranch can help calves’ ability to cope with change and resist disease challenges, leading to fewer problems after they leave. And that can translate into healthier calves providing greater income returns.

When compared with calves with unknown health histories, research shows calves that came from a documented preconditioning program:

  • gained 36 more pounds in their initial 85 days on feed. 1
  • were four times less likely to get sick and had fewer costs associated with treatment. 1
  • returned $33.71 more net income per calf. 1

To learn more, ask your veterinarian or health provider for a Merial SUREHEALTH Preconditioning Certification enrollment form, and visit or follow SUREHEALTH on Facebook at

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1 Seeger JT, Groteleuschen DM, Stokka GL, et al. Comparison of the feedlot health, nutritional performance, carcass characteristics, and economic value of unweaned beef calves with an unknown health history and of weaned beef calves receiving various herd-of-original health protocols. Bov Pract. 2008;42(1):1-13.