A Martha, Okla., surrendered to authorities May 23 after he was charged with Larceny of Domestic Animals. TSCRA Special Rangers Ben Eggleston and Scott Williamson led the investigation.

Dustin Mitchell Cooper, 30, is accused of the September 2010 theft of 10 calves worth approximately $10,000 from a property in Greer County, Okla. According to Eggleston, on the day of the reported theft, Cooper sold 10 calves at the Hobart Stock Yards under the name D Cross C Ranch.

“This area has been a hotbed for cattle theft over the past few years,” said Eggleston. “Ranchers need to make sure they are branding their livestock and reporting stolen cattle to TSCRA.”

Cooper was released on a $5,000 bond. If convicted, he could be sentenced up to ten years in prison. TSCRA would like to thank the Jackson and Greer County Sheriff’s departments for their help with the investigation.

Source: TSCRA