Denton, Texas — The recent wildfires in Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado have caused considerable financial loss and the devastation of livestock, homes and equipment. The Red Angus Foundation Inc. is rising to the occasion to accept and distribute donations that will assist our fellow friends, neighbors and cattlemen in their recovery efforts.

Pasty Krause, fundraiser for RAFI, said that helping aid in recovery is the ultimate goal. “We know some of the ranch families that were affected by the recent outbreak of wildfires lost everything, including their homes,” said Krause. “Hundreds of miles of fence were laid flat.  Many ranchers are literally starting from ground zero to rebuild their livelihoods.”

RAFI is a 501(c)(3) charity organization. All donations sent to RAFI designated to fire relief will be channeled directly to qualified recipients in the Red Angus community and to other approved relief organizations that benefit those affected by the fires.

In surveying the damage, the loss and injury to livestock is staggering. Some ranches lost nearly everything, while others lost homes, barns, grazing pastures, equipment and fences.  Some of these operations were generations in the making, and the recovery will be a slow, arduous process.

To assist the recovery in the best way possible, Krause encourages those who are able to support this relief measure to donate to RAFI. RAFI is collecting numerous types of donations, including gifts of animals and semen, although financial contributions provide the greatest flexibility.

If you wish to donate fencing materials, contact Krause and she will provide a tax receipt for your contribution. If you wish to gift livestock or semen, RAFI will be arranging online auctions to turn your donation into cash.

“Whatever resources you can donate to help these cattlemen in need is greatly appreciated,” Krause said.

Please mail cash donations via check to RAFI, 4201 N. Interstate 35   Denton, TX 76207. Please write “Fire Relief” in the memo. If you have questions about other contributions call Patsy Krause, RAFI Fund Raiser, at 406-599-2852 or email her at

Source: Red Angus Association of America new release