Seven wild horses enjoying and grazing on a off-range pasture.

As part of its efforts to provide humane, cost-effective care to wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contracts with private landowners for pasture space to accommodate wild horses that have been removed from the range. Pastures vary in size and capacity, but must be large enough to allow for freeroaming behavior and provide all necessary food, water, facilities, personnel and supplies necessary to maintain wild horses in a healthy condition. For additional requirements, see the Frequently Asked Questions document. As of January 2015, there were more than 31,000 wild horses being cared for in off-range pastures.

The BLM obtains off-range pasture space for wild horses through an open-bid, competitive solicitation process. The BLM is currently accepting proposals for new pasture space with a minimum capacity of 100 head in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. For helpful information regarding the solicitation, see the items posted below the Resources section.

To locate the solicitation: (1) go to; (2) click on “Search Public Opportunities”; (3) under Search Criteria, select “Reference Number”; (4) put in the solicitation number (L15PS00182); and (5) click “Search” and the solicitation information will appear. The solicitation form describes what to submit and where to send it.

Deadline for proposals: April 22, 2015

Note for applicants who have never conducted business with the government: you must first obtain a Duns and Bradstreet number before registering at to complete the initial process. There is no fee involved for either step. Once both steps are completed, you are ready to apply to the solicitation.